Adventures Assemble

There’s nothing like bonding over a great adventure. It’s a thrill for everyone and you’ll have lots to talk about afterwards!

Resort & Recreation

Some prefer it relaxing, others prefer it exciting. Bring the best of both worlds together with this these eco resorts and farm stays.

Village Get-Togethers

Experience local culture and activities within some of Malaysia’s villages. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the community.

Jungle Rumble

It’s more fun to wander the depths of the rainforest with a trusty team by your side. Take a breath of fresh air amidst Malaysia’s tropical greenery while contributing to its conservation.

Fun Group Getaways in Malaysia

Group outings, team building, company trips, school trips or graduation getaways – we’ve compiled a list of amazing group activities and experiences that will make any trip, big or small, memorable.