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I am Yian, who like papercutting since long, I am excited whenever saw papercut artwork. Few years back, I came across newspaper that there is a papercutting class in KL, without second thoughts, I joined the class. That was the first time I fold and cut papercut with lots of chinese-styled motives.

Since then, I did papercutting with friends prior every Chinese New Year, it’s a must-do activity as Chinese New Year preparation. At times, I was being volunteer in workshops, and I led the papercutting session.

In year 2014, I started an online gift shop to sell Chinese cultural and educational related gifts. The first good I chose to sell is papercut, I wish that more people has chance to admire the beauty of papercutting. Later on, I sourced papercutting exercise sheets for customers.

End of year 2016, I finally rented a space, it seems that many people is unfamiliar with my goods. Hence, I thought of conducting classes to introduce goods in the shop. The first thing came into my mind is Papercutting! 1 week after I moved in, I conducted papercutting class. It’s so happy to see the participants enjoy cutting and couldn’t stop cutting once started.

Few classes been conducted before 2017 Chinese New Year. Then, I thought why not I tried to make it as regular classes, not only seasonal classes? I wish to spread the message that Chinese Papercutting is not only the Chinese New Year activity, it can be one of the handicraft class. So as Chinese culture, it is not seasonal culture, it can be part of our life.

After then, I conducted classes with different motives twice monthly in Pure Space. As days passes, I was invited to conduct papercutting classes in kindergartens, learning centers, events, bazaars etc. The motives are no longer limited to fish and zodiacs, which is popular for Chinese New Year, but many more motives, which express blessings.

Papercutting is handicraft that can be learnt easily, but takes time to excel. Join the workshop the find out more interesting about papercut!


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