Create Your Own Pottery

Penang, Malaysia

2 hours
1 - 15 travelers
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3 days
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I speak English, Mandarin

Join a fun pottery making workshop in Penang, where you can choose to create your favourite's all up to your creativity!

The craft of making ceramic pottery is one of the world's oldest human inventions. Today it has a cultural and functional presence in almost every country. Our local expert discovered the intrinsic beauty of pottery making while studying tea art in Taiwan and Japan, and decided to share this with eager students.

Open to local and international craft enthusiasts of all skill levels, this workshop is perfect if you would like to bring home a crafty skill and souvenir. Located close to the botanical garden of Penang, our hands-on classes are conducted by Professor Okamoto and Professor Nakono, retired Japanese volunteers who love to share the art of making ceramic pottery. You can choose to make a ceramic gift of your choice, from tea cups to plates, bowls and creative centrepieces.

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Day 1


Run by Japanese volunteers who have retired in Penang, this is a classroom where everyone can tap into their creativity through clay. Here you can learn authentic pottery using "Tataritari", "Tatara Making", "Electric Rolling Roller", and necessary tools are prepared by the classroom. The work can be baked here and taken home later. You can choose from our morning slot (10am to 12pm) or afternoon slot (2pm to 4pm).

Learn about the art of pottery making
The hardest technique to learn in pottery making

Outfit Recommendations

Avoid plunging necklines and short/tight skirts, due to the required wheelthrowing posture and dress comfortably.

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MYR 144.00 /Pax
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Colour Glazing
2 firings - Handled by Pottery Center
Hands-on creating one piece of pottery work - 2 hours
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Opposite Waterfall Hotel.