2D1N Bagan Datuk with Blue Tears & Sky Mirror

Perak, Malaysia

2 Day(s)
2 - 15 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
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RM 334.80

CY & Teong
I speak English, Malay, Mandarin

Nature's wonders await you at Bagan Datuk, from seeing the beach glow in the dark like fallen stars, to strolling on a mind-bowing sky mirror, watching fireflies and digging for clams.

Pulau Sembilan is an archipelago of nine islands located at the West Coast of Perak, Malaysia. Due to the conservation efforts by the State, this tour is truly a one-of-a-kind, with only a selected few travel agencies able to bring guests to these natural phenomenons.

Sky Mirror is mysterious beach where the sky reflects the shallow waters on the beach, similar to Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni. Let your creativity and photography skills run free as you create previous and unforgettable memories with loved ones. What about those fallen stars? This is caused by a phenomenon called Blue Tears, when bio-luminescent plankton washed ashore creates a fantasy-like experience few get to witness. You will also get to go on a firefly cruise, go clam (lala) digging, visit a fishing village.

Main activities:
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Day 1

Evening at Bagan Datuk (Eagle Watching, Blue Tears, Fireflies Cruise)

Meet your local expert at Bagan Datuk Jetty at 5:30 pm and check into homestay.

Day 1 activities include:
- Eagle watching
- Blue Tears
- Fireflies watching
- Seafood dinner

Day 2

Morning at Bagan Datuk (Clams Digging, Sky Mirror, Seafood Platter)

Day 2 activities include:
- Clam finding
- Sky Mirror by speedboat
- Lunch (seafood platter).
- Check-out at 2 P.M.

Travel notes

Things to bring: Sunblock, motion sickness medicine (if needed), scarves, hats, slippers or umbrella (if needed and for assurance)
waterproof mobile phone sets (if needed), toiletries.

There are no toilets at Sky Mirror. Please use the toilet prior to the boat ride.

Outfit Recommendations

Light and comfortable clothes. Shorts are recommended as some guests may need to walk in the sea depending on the arrival time of the boat.

Where we will meet

Jeti Bagan Datuk, Bagan Datoh, Perak, Malaysia

How to get there

★★★★★ 5

1 Reviews
  • Christie
    Reviewed in January 2020

    One of the best trips i've had in a long time! amazing amazing tour guide. super friendly super helpful!
    breath taking view of the eagle feeding and sunset, blue tears and fireflies watching! Food was awesome!!
    Totally worth the price!
    i'd rate them 10 if i could!
    10/10 would recommend
    10/10 would do it again!

Standard price
RM 334.80 /Pax
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Price including
Accommodation - 1 Night at Fishing Village HomeStay
Meals - 1 breakfast, 1 seafood lunch, 1 seafood dinner
Activities - Blue Tears, Sky Mirror, Fireflies watching and Clam finding
Price excluding
Travel Expenses
Personal spendings - Fresh seafood, snacks and etc.

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